Bernward’s wall crisscrosses original planning

The cathedral-restoration becomes more expensive, the equity ratio remains solid

Hildesheim (bph) An archeological find with long-range consequences: At the east side of the Joseph-Godehard-House archeologists and architects of the diocese found the so called Bernward’s wall while doing proof excavations. The remains of the wall, which was constructed around the cathedral-circuit by bishop Bernward 1000 years before, crisscrosses the project- and costs planning of the cathedral-restoration in the true sense of the word. The needful additional cost is estimated to be 1,5 million euros. The amount is to be raised by fundraising of further grants.

The existence of Bernward’s wall is no surprise for experts, but very well the condition. The now found remains are not only more enormous than expected, but that well preserved, that the diocesan chapter as building owner has the obligation to save the find and to integrate it into the cathedral-museum as bernwardian heritage. The room originally planned at this place was for air-conditioning technology of the museum, it has to give way and shall be situated in the Joseph-Godehard-House by now.

The confidence of the diocese management, to get the additional costs by grants, founds not least because of the good experiences of the financing of works for the re-creation of the cathedral area: The costs for these in the original plannings even not scheduled measures amounting to 2,9 million euros are completely financed by the Federal Government.

By area-designing and modified museum-plannings the costs for the cathedral-restoration now add up to 29,98 million euros. The eqity ratio of the diocese shall remain constantly with 7,225 million euros, so the difference is to be raised by grants, donations and fundraisingactions; so far another 16,9 million euros were fundraised successfully. Further 2 million euros are estimated by single donations. To moderate nevertheless eventual deficits and risks, as for instance inflation, the diocese is constituting a provision of 5,6 million euros to offer guarantee. As far as it is used for the financing, the equity ratio of the diocese is raising.

The construction works in the cathedral and St. Anthony’s are to begin at 2010 and will last about four and a half years. To the 1200. birthday of the diocese in the year 2015 the workings have to be completed.