Important heritage


Prime Minister Stephan Weil visits Hildesheim Cathedral

A year before the reopening of Hildesheim Cathedral, Stephan Weil (SPD), Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, paid a visit to the cathedral construction site. At the invitation of Bishop Trelle, the patron of the cathedral restoration was able to see the progress of the construction work first-hand.

 Der emeritierte Weihbischof und Domdechant Hans-Georg Koitz beim Gang mit Ministerpräsident Stephan Weil, Dombaumeister Norbert Kesseler und Bischof Norbert Trelle durch den Dom.

From left to right: walking though the
Cathedral are Dean and Auxiliary Bishop
Emeritus Hans-Georg Koitz, Prime Minister
Stephan Weil, the Cathedral’s master
builder Norbert Kesseler and Bishop Norbert
Trelle. Foto: bph

Bishop Norbert Trelle and the Dean and Auxiliary Bishop Hans-Georg Koitz welcomed the Prime Minister and thanked him for accepting the patronage of the cathedral restoration project. “What I can see today is already looking very promising. The state of Lower Saxony is delighted for Hildesheim,” said Weil while walking though the cathedral. He had previously visited the cathedral as a young boy with his parents and had been very impressed back then. “Probably because it was by far the largest church I had ever seen,” the Prime Minister recalled. As a resident of Lower Saxony, it is only natural to encounter the history of the cathedral now and again. “I find the story of the rosebush particularly moving. It has survived the bombing, had to be literally dug from the rubble but continues to grow, flower and thrive until today,” said Weil.

“Hildesheim Cathedral is part of our heritage,” stressed the Prime Minister. That is why the state of Lower Saxony is also contributing financially to the renovation work. “Churches are of great importance to our society and promote identification,” added the Prime Minister. He is already looking forward to the reopening of the cathedral on 15 August 2014 and promises, “I will be there!”