Greeting by minister of state Bernd Neumann

Bernd Neumann, MdBQuarter of a century ago in 1985, the Hildesheim cathedral with its treasure and the church of St. Michael  were declared world heritage by the UNESCO. On the basis of the unique completeness of the ensemble – from liturgical decorations to artistical inner configuration to the architectural general view – in Hildesheim knowledge of the meaning of romanic is being conveyed and not only for Germany,  but also for whole Europe.

The Federal Government makes a point of doing the saving and maintenance of the national cultural heritage in Germany for future generations. Therefore the Federal Government appreciably participated on the restoration of the cathedral in the past. It is to acclaim the new development that with new restoration measures the cathedral-treasure, which is an important part of the UNESCO world heritage, is to be presented dignified. The Hildesheim cathedral-treasure is associated to other enormous churchtreasures in Europe. The precious objects saved here for about a 1000 years not only expose the political and economic powerfulness of the diocese in the medieval, but also they testify the unbroken continuity of credence, the fundament of our christian-occidental conception of man. All efforts should be taken, to present the excellent ensemble of the Hildesheim world heritage in a proper light through a dignified representation of the rich treasure. In compliance with the requirements the Federal Government and land of Lower Saxony will promote therefor to achieve this common purpose. I wish success for the restoration of the cathedral.


Bernd Neumann, MdB
Minister of state at the Bundeskanzlerin
Official representative of Federal Government of culture and media