Dome's art treasures on travel

The dome's art treasures will be traveling for a few years.When moving out, a sensitive touch was necessary to ensure that the treasures would not be damaged. A specialist company took on the dismantling, and carefully packaged and transported everything.

The biggest challenge for the men was undoubtedly moving the Bernward pillar and the Bernward door: Inch by inch, they lifted the double doors, which weigh tons, and brought them to the neighbouring Roman and Pelizaeus Museum by heavy load transport. The World Cultural Heritage remains on display there for public viewing.

The pillar was erected on the occasion of the anniversary of St. Michaelis church. It can also be viewed there. In 2014, the Bernward pillar will be returned to the dome.

The museum is also being converted, integrating the Antonius church into its exhibition space. This will make it possible to display many more of its treasures than was previously possible.

During the renovation work, several artworks are also being restored. Other exhibits will be on display in other museums, including the Bode Museum in Berlin, as well as in Paris, Chicago, in New York or in Washington.