Cathedral-construction-Society „Hohe Domkirche“ Hildesheim e. V.

The Hildesheim Saint Mary Cathedral is an international outstanding cultural relic with its medieval masterpieces and its cathedral-trasure and therefore was put on the list of cultural heritage by the UNESCO. It is an honour and commitment of the cathedral-construction-society to support the restoration and the intended use of the Saint Mary Cathedral as well as to support the cathedral-museum and maintenance of the inherent masterpieces and treasures.

The civil commitment manifests itself within the cathedral-construction-society, which is ecumenical oriented and independent of politics. It is open to a collaboration to all, who feel themselves obligated to the cultural heritage.

Help us to save this cultural heritage and become a member of the cathedral-construction-society!

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100,- Euro Institutional members
50,- Euro Single person
25,- Euro Students

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