1200 years of Hildesheim Cathedral: a building history


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Trailer about the building history documentary

Wonderful images, and then blazing flames and war again: Hildesheim Cathedral's 1200 years of history have been filled with adventure, and often drama.

This documentary takes us on a journey through the chequered building history of this bishop's church. Spectacular 3D animations show the cathedral's development – from the small chapel of Louis the Pious, via the first cathedral church and imposing “castles of God” by the great bishops of the Middle Ages, to the cathedral as we know it today.

Extensive bonus material provides insights into the renovation work taking place at the moment and documents current archaeological excavation findings.

You can obtain copies of the DVD “12 years of Hildesheim Cathedral: a building history” for the price of 14.90 EUR each plus postage costs. Please order in the Cathedral Renovation Shop or via Bernward Mediengesellschaft mbH, Domhof 24, D-31134 Hildesheim, Tel. +49 (0)5121/307800, Fax +49 (0)5121/307801, info@bernward-medien.de